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SOtM sMS-1000 กับรางวัล C.A.S.H. จาก Computer Audiophile

สร้างหัวข้อใหม่   ตอบ    discovery hifi forum -> Audiophile Equipment
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เข้าร่วม: 25 Feb 2008
ตอบ: 1166
ที่อยู่: BKK. Thailand

ตอบตอบเมื่อ: Sun Apr 15, 2012 3:35 pm    เรื่อง: SOtM sMS-1000 กับรางวัล C.A.S.H. จาก Computer Audiophile ตอบโดยอ้างข้อความ

SOtM's sMS-1000 is a fantastic music server capable of much more than its $2,499 asking price may suggest. The sMS-1000 is a great option for music aficionados seeking easy access to their entire libraries of music, plug n' play simplicity, and great sound quality. Digging deeper into the sMS-1000 hardware aficionados will be delighted by the fit and finish of the chassis and the wonderfully engineered tX-USB PCI to USB output card. Like all servers the sMS-1000 has possible drawbacks. SOtM's reliance on third party software applications for full featured remote control of the server is both good and bad. Depending on one's needs this may be a moot point or reason to look elsewhere. SOtM has created a music server that is much more than the sum of its exceptionally refined parts. The sMS-1000 is C.A.S.H. Listed and highly recommended.

Chris Connaker.

discovery hifi
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