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NEW Hegel HD12

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เข้าร่วม: 25 Feb 2008
ตอบ: 1166
ที่อยู่: BKK. Thailand

ตอบตอบเมื่อ: Sat Aug 23, 2014 3:07 pm    เรื่อง: NEW Hegel HD12 ตอบโดยอ้างข้อความ

New Hegel HD12 DSD DAC, To be launch soon in October.

HD12 vs HD11 - sound:

The HD12 is a giant step up from the HD11.

- First of all, by changing the layout and placement of components, we have reached a noise-floor of a stunning -145dB. This is practically unheard of, and means it delivers a gigantic soundstage.

- Secondly we have further reduced jitter. Especially something called “skirting”. The effect of this improvement is much better timing and precision. Like the “smack” when you hit the drums.

HD12 vs HD11 – functionality:

- 2 optical inputs instead of 2 coaxial

- Headphone output of very high quality

- True DSD64 over USB

- 24 bit / 192 kHz over USB (you actually need a driver even on MAC for the HD12)

- Volume attenuator (digital)

- Input toggle switch on the back panel

- Display

- 100% new USB circuit and new chip sets from AKM
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