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รีวิว Zhaolu D3 + TG-Link โดย minivan

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เข้าร่วม: 25 Feb 2008
ตอบ: 1166
ที่อยู่: BKK. Thailand

ตอบตอบเมื่อ: Thu Apr 03, 2008 12:47 am    เรื่อง: รีวิว Zhaolu D3 + TG-Link โดย minivan ตอบโดยอ้างข้อความ

after more then 7 months of owning the zhaolu d3, i decided to purchase the tg-link pci card to enable the tg-link feature in the zhaolu d3, for those who dont know what's tg-link , it's a technology develop by a chinese company, it suppose to do thing similar to what is2 does, jitter free, more info here:

prior to using the tglink card as transport, i was using emu 1212, coxial out, foobar asio out as transport. moving to tg-link really caught me by surprise, it really transform the zhaolu d3 , which to my ear is a ok sounding dac.
enable the tg-link it revealed so much details i have not heard in the past. lots of music notes play in the background which i dont pay much attention in the past now jump into the picture.revelation of the detail is so good at time while listening to my w5000 i thought i am listeing to my stax sg-sigma.
decay of music note become very obvious and also last a bit longer then and did not get cover up if other instrument are playing at the same time
imaging is very precise, easier to pinpoint a particular instrument, be it left, right , front , back. giving me sense of 3-d ness.
separation of instruments became wider, giving me sense of more space and air
bass good deeper last longer, more punchy and better impact, giving me a fault sense of chest thumping experience.
treble is also very good, i can hear better clarity in high end notes such as violin and piano.

i like to stress that i have limited experience with dac, so i dont know how the zhaolu d3 + tglink combo scale up against high end dac. the above impressions are just my own experience. but one thing i can certain is: moving from coaxial out from emu1212 to tglink out made a huge improvement of the zhaolu d3.

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